Autumn term 2012

Back to school is cool!

We've been very busy since we started back to school in September. Here are some of the things we have been getting up to!

Is that a beanstalk?!

Senior infants, first and second class had great fun in September participating in a drama based on the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. The next step for us is Broadway!

What's growing on? :D

As part of our science class we learned all about what plants need in order for them to grow (air, light, soil & water). We decided to put our knowledge into practice and grow some of our own plants. On a Wednesday afternoon in October we had great fun planting tulip bulbs and trying to guess what colour each of us will's going to be spring time when we find out!

The Five Senses

After learning about each of the five senses we decided to test out their functions using a selection of autumn fruits. We LOOKED at the fruit and examined its different colours. We FELT the fruit and described its texture. We SMELLED the fruit and brainstormed vocabulary to describe its aroma. We TASTED the fruit as we munched on it and decided whether it was sweet or sour. Finally, we LISTENED to the sound of the fruit as we ate it to see if we could hear its crunch.


There were some spooky happenings in Clondrinagh this Hallowe'en and Ms. O'Neill got a shock one day when she found that all her pupils had turned into pumpkins!

We're the first kids in space!

On the 18th of October, we had an "out of this world" experience when a planetarium exhibition came to visit our school. For an hour that morning, the halla was transformed into outer space and we got to see what it would be like to visit the other planets and the moon. There will definitely be some astronauts from Clondrinagh in the future! Unfortunately, because it was so dark on our trip to space the photos we took are not of very good quality.

It's's pouring!

Everyday in the small room we have a little chat about the weather both in English and as Gaeilge. The conclusion we have come to in the last few weeks is that it rains...a LOT! Seeing as we can't do much to stop the rain we have decided to embrace it instead! As part of our geography project we made a rain gauge. A rain gauge measures the amount of rain that falls in a given period of time. Our rain gauge uses centimetres to measure rainfall and it's made out of an empty soft drink bottle. We cut the top off the bottle, filled the base of it with stones and 2 cm of water, attached the top of the bottle so that it made a funnel shape and wrote our measuerments on the side with the help of a ruler. Every morning before school starts somebody checks the rain gauge. The fun of checking the rain gauge makes the rainy days a little brighter! It's true what they say 'Ní hé lá na báistí lá na bpáistí'.

Christmas in Clondrinagh

We were very busy during the month of December preparing for the festive season. We learnt all about The Story of Christmas and even made our own Advent Wreath in preparation for the celebration of Jesus' birth. We also had a great time decorating the place! The big room had the very important job of setting the crib up, while the small room worked very hard to make a Christmas tree made entirely out of hand prints. We will be very sad when it's time for the decorations to come down!

Christmas Carol Service

One of the highlights from this term for all of us here in Clondrinagh was the carol service that was held on the day of the Christmas holidays. The children put everyone in the festive spirit as they sang hymns and carols and played various seasonal tunes on the recorder. A wonderful Christmas atmosphere filled the school on the day and it was lovely to have so many parents, family and friends join us for the occasion.